What are you hiding?

It is interesting to think about and then challenge ourselves about how honest we are actually being. I am not referring to outward lies, that is another conversation. I am talking about what we are avoiding so as to not deal with the real issue. Yes, we desperately want things to be different, stronger, more powerful and engaging but striking the balance of vulnerability and daily existence is difficult. I would think the goal is to get to a place where every decision, interaction, and step is done with honesty, integrity, and thoughtfulness. Where do you start? It is like untangling a ball of string, the end may be so buried that we give up or... you start where you are, slowly loos

What if...

This phrase "what if..." keeps running through my head. In the months that I have worked with this idea I am amazed how perspective changes. Try it, apply these two words to anything you feel, see, experience, or believe: What if I took a breath before I spoke? What if I assumed that comment was coming from sadness and not anger? What if this moment is a lesson and not a problem? What if I choose "yes" instead of "no"? To consider each moment differently is a window into possibility. What if you didn't just act and respond both inwardly and outwardly the way you usually do? How would your life and interactions change? I challenge you to try. Just one time, practice coming at a problem,