Passionate About Inspiring Others

My road has been no different than yours; I have the same questions, fears, and hesitations but many years ago I chose to lean into them, ask questions, risked failure, and stood by my convictions when that was not the most popular stance.  


After almost 20 years as a clinical provider and administrator in a large medical facility I became increasingly discouraged with the unrelenting challenge of providing best care along side the pressures "the business of medicine".  My deep commitment to patients and the desire to support my colleagues lead me to step into the role of coaching.


Then... I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The tables flipped and I was the patient.  I have chosen to see this as another way to help providers improve care and relate to the fear that our patients feel..  


Fresh Eyes is a coaching and speaking platform, from which I connect with others to elevate their awareness and perspective.  Identifying what you do have control of and how small changes and way of thinking can transform your experience is transformative.



Here is what I learned... life and its circumstances hold within it a choice..  What you do next will create your future and your reality.  I want you to live your best life and feel strong, powerful, and confident.  I want you to wake up excited and invigorated to be part of something bigger. 


Success is whatever you deem it to be, identifying your vision and passion and making the changes to support that is the hard part.  

Are you someone who aspires to push though to the next level of your personal or professional growth? I offer you a forum for change. Your life and perspective is a product of your willingness to dig deep, ask hard questions, and act on the fire inside.

Certifications/ Memberships

Presentations, podcasts & coursework

  • National Speakers Association - Oregon candidate member

  • Consultant- Physician Wellness Program, Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland

  • Oregon medical board- approved coach

  • Certified Aspired Coach- Glow Effect

  • Family Nurse Practitioner- MSN, FNP-C

  • BS Nursing, Regis College

  • BA Psychology, Lewis & Clark College