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Veiled impossibility

Consider this… prior to 1954 it was considered “physically impossible” to run a mile in under 4 minutes but that year in England a 25 year old medical student defied all odds. He ran the mile in 3 minutes 59 seconds. Two months later another person broke the record and since then over 1400 people have run the mile in less than 4 minutes.

How is it that not no one ran that fast until the veil of impossibility was lifted?

Conversely, what is possible in your life if you are not limited by what other people believe, say, or expect? Really think about this, how has your vision or dreams been corralled by what others expect. What if you don’t listen to that? What if you appreciate the challenge and choose to bust right through it, choose to believe that you can and will be the first!

When I was pregnant with my first daughter I had set my intention to have her naturally, without any medications. I was using the hypnobirthing technique to calm my body and mind and relax into the experience. To be honest, I was told by the majority of my friends and coworkers that I was crazy; I would not be able to do it. “Nice idea, but coming from someone who has had a baby, you want drugs!” “You are being naïve”. The comments kept coming and I certainly started to second guess myself, was I crazy?

Was I setting myself up for failure?

“NO!” This is when I had to dig deep and hold my vision so clearly and securely that I did not succumb to others beliefs. This was difficult and certainly I had moments that I did think I was crazy but, my belief in my abilities and myself was even stronger. As a result I had not one baby but two babies naturally and it was the most powerful, beautiful, and empowering experiences of my life.

If I had listened to all of the other people, the one that would have suffered would have been me.

Who is to determine what Iam capable of?

Take an inventory of your life, What are the things that you dream to be true but you hesitate because of an outside force or opinion?

To be spectacular, to push the limits, and to live beyond your expectations will require you to step outside your comfort zone and believe in the impossible.

Gather your strength and know your worth, you already have what it takes to succeed.

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