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Meet Shandy Welch


Shandy embodies a unique blend of determination and compassion. Her journey began on a Wyoming ranch, where she cultivated an unwavering work ethic and resilience. Throughout her two-decade tenure in healthcare, she earned recognition as a skilled clinician and program developer, these years refined her qualities of empathy, compassion, and curiosity.


Today, her passion thrives on the profound quest to unearth possibilities in both individuals and teams.

Her coaching expertise is a culmination of extensive experience and education. Shandy passionately advocates for her clients and tirelessly supports their visions of success. 

The coaching dynamic she cultivates is an authentic, non-judgmental partnership grounded in trust.


Shandy credits her success to her ability to discern potential in others and adeptly navigate the delicate balance between discomfort and wild achievement.

Coaching presents an opportunity for collaborative exploration-delving into the foundational elements that may hinder one's potential. From there, construct a framework of skill, mindset, and intentionality.

Before long, your success and potential are realized!

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