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What if...

This phrase "what if..." keeps running through my head. In the months that I have worked with this idea I am amazed how perspective changes. Try it, apply these two words to anything you feel, see, experience, or believe:

What if I took a breath before I spoke?

What if I assumed that comment was coming from sadness and not anger?

What if this moment is a lesson and not a problem?

What if I choose "yes" instead of "no"?

To consider each moment differently is a window into possibility. What if you didn't just act and respond both inwardly and outwardly the way you usually do? How would your life and interactions change? I challenge you to try. Just one time, practice coming at a problem, question or crossroad in a totally different way. How does that feel? What reaction did you get and how did that change your vision of that interaction?

We have opportunities each day to play with our perspective. Challenge yourself to be really present with each moment, critically look at why you choose the path or answers you do. How do those answers influence your day. Why are you choosing one stance over another?

Yesterday my daughter told me she had a hard time with another girl at a school, apparently the girl came up to her and said she didn't look good with that bow in her hair. Of course my daughter was taken off guard and felt embarrassment and confused. Instead of coming from anger at that moment I suggested she completely flip it on it's head and come from another perspective. What if she said; "wow, I am sorry you feel that but, I do want you to know you look beautiful today"? Can you imagine the dynamic that would change for everyone in that moment? My daughter would move out of anger/embarrassment and lean into vulnerability and kindness.

Imagine if we all lead with vulnerability and kindness.

Try it, I challenge you!

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