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Bad enough...

I struggle with the idea of “did I have it bad enough” to have something worthy to say or reflect upon, as if this is a race and only the top three can be considered winners. Most people do not die from cancer, and neither did I, some certainly “had it worse” and some “had it better” if we were to use those terms, but here is the thing…. I had it. I had an experience that altered the way I think and how I want to share my life. Maybe thatis the “bad enough” part. I had it bad enough to be awakened and chose to take insight and experience cancer as friend rather than foe. I chose to use this unexpected event to my advantage.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to “hit rock bottom” or have some catastrophic fear ridden event to turn the tides of insight? Why can’t we do it just because? Because it is powerful, because we see things more clearly, because we understand more deeply and that is why we proactively push ourselves. Because we know there is someway to interact and perceive life in a more extreme, more conscious, and more profound way. But no, most of us choose to wait. We wait to really start focusing on our health when the reaper comes knocking and we are up against a wall.

Fear takes over and changes us.

I would venture to guess that most of us are thankful after we emerge from the other side. The positives’ are apparent when we dust ourselves off and stand back up. It is a silly game we play with ourselves, we know all of the cards being played but still we act shocked when we get the bad news. Are we shocked when we put diesel in our car instead of regular unleaded and the car stops running…uh, no!

What if the “bad enough” part is whet you get out of the experience instead of the disease itself. My cancer has driven me to speak and coach others. To connect with others that are finding their way or need support. This indeed makes it all worth it, when my experience can be used to rise you up to think differently and to feel the support of the community around you.

Is it possible not to be pushed to the edge but rather dive in early? Decide that your phenomenal body may indeed make some cellular missteps but you will be ahead of it, you will have taken the road less traveled and are prepared. Physically, mentally, nutritionally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Something will happen, believe me… your body will ebb and flow in a beautiful way. My wish for you is that you choose, choose now to be educated, to be so full of strength that when the day comes you are ready with your fists up and your knees bent. Get into the ring now, train your body so that no opponent can take your down.

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