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What Others Can See in You, That You Can Not

I am a romantic at heart, today I stumbled across a pile of love letters from years ago. As I read these beautiful notes I was struck by how these young men perceived me and how their words were in direct conflict with how I saw myself back then. If only I had believed in the strength they saw in me, how differently I would have perceived myself. Might I have had the confidence to push myself further, to have gone for the career I dreamed of but never thought I was qualified for? Who knows, but I do know there was a huge discrepancy in their perception and mine. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if I had the confidence to believe in myself the way they did?

I was telling my daughter about this and my wish for her and for you. I wish we have the humility and courage to really hear and feel others' words. To believe that just because we don’t feel it doesn’t mean it isn't true. To have the curiosity to see the patterns of comments and take them to heart. To trust that the ones you love most may be on to something! To believe that maybe you do have what it takes to rise beyond your wildest imagination.

It is easy to see our faults and the deficiencies we all hold, but how about the gifts and strengths you bring to others, to relationships, to work, and to your family.

What is the invisible trail of inspiration that you are leaving in your wake?

Can you shine a light on those beautiful qualities? Can you muster the confidence to integrate them into your life?

Recognizing and capitalizing on your inherent strengths is critical for leadership. We all have "lesser strengths" but how are you leveraging your natural talents?

My wish is that we all learn this lesson sooner than later. Don’t wait to recognize all of the goodness you have to offer. Humbly accept it, feel it and celebrate all that you are today.

So I thank all of the people that saw me in a greater light than I saw myself and for telling me how they felt. It is such a good reminder for us all. Recognition and acknowledgment of others is so important. Tell people what you see in them and celebrate their unique gifts that they may not even be aware of!

Life is short, it is a shame to have never recognized what everyone else sees because you are afraid to look.

I have no question, you are amazing!

My Challenge To You:

  • Be bold enough to believe. Find the old notes, annual reviews, or letters and read them with an openness and acceptance to see your gifts. These are your natural gifts, can you incorporate one of these themes more fully?

  • Ask someone. It is difficult to recognize what is inherently you, so ask a trusted friend what are your strengths. What do people come to you for? What is the phrase you hear most often when people talk about you? These are all great ways to hone in on your fabulousness!

  • Tell another. (Pay it forward) Make a point of telling others what you see in them. Very often they will be shocked that you recognized it, and even more shocked that you took the time to tell them. What is the downside? Spotlighting strengths only encourages more of the same, be the leader you strive to be.

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