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Who is a leader?

I am struck by the idea of how many of us don't see ourselves as leaders. So many only see leadership as a title and not a way of life. What if I said we are all leaders, what would this world look like and how would it change?

What if we all saw it as our responsibility, regardless of position, title, or power to present ourselves with the utmost integrity, were impeccable with our words, and saw every “problem” as our responsibility to improve. This idea can be as simple as wiping the counter after leaving the public restroom to inspiring action at a Fortune 500 company.

Why do we dismiss the multitude of opportunities that come our way each day? What are you walking away from and expect another to attend to?

A great reminder: “show up for the job you want, not the job you have.”

This is such a good reminder to not only continue to strive for another challenge but also to slow down and pay attention to the details which make great leaders.

Some ideas to think about:

  • Prior to a Zoom meeting, allow 10 minutes to center yourself on the topic and present yourself as you would at an in person meeting. Resist the slippery slope of unprofessionalism.

  • Reject the temptation to focus only on results when the real learnings are in the process.

  • Celebrate and acknowledge the effort and the trust that others give you. It is their partnership that will create your success.

Ask any great leader and they will tell you, their success was not solely because of education and hard work. It was because of their incessant attention to the details of relationships and willingness to do what was “not their job”. They saw everything as their job. Their job to improve, to take part in, and to raise awareness of. They got out of their self imposed walls and created experiences for others and improved the space they occupied.

Leadership is you, it doesn’t happen to you.

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