Powerful Leadership Coaching & Consulting

Become the impactful leader you know you are capable of.  Develop the strategies, insights, and tools to leverage your strengths and build an integrated team and culture. 

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Capturing The Skill of Leadership


Are you ready to:

  • Make a significant impact?

  • Be a leader that is revered?

  • Communicate with clarity?

  • Be part of a culture and team which values your skills and works as a collective unit?

100% of my clients have not only met but exceeded their coaching objectives which have led to:​


  • Board appointments

  • Promotions

  • Improved relationships and satisfaction

  • Salary increases

  • Enhanced work-life balance

  • Leading meetings with self-assurance

  • Strategic thinking 

  • Confidence with difficult conversations


Leadership coaching is a proven way to drive accountability, discover and hone natural talents, identify blind spots, and develop necessary skills to empower teams and build sustainable alignment and vision. 




Leadership is a learned skill rarely taught.


  • Do you find yourself passionate about implementing change but paralyzed by the internal politics? 

  • Are you inclined to avoid difficult conversations or conflict and thus find yourself feeling resentful and anxious?

  • Do you feel your colleagues lack enthusiasm and creativity, are uninspired, and simply "clock in and clock out"?

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"Shandy possess a rare talent; the ability to cut through the noise in one’s mind or life to get at the heart of what matters. She brings

insights and knowledge from her extensive training, but clearly possesses the innate talent to see things

and understand personal dynamics with more clarity than most." - JK           


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