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Become the impactful leader you know you are capable of.  Develop the strategies, insights, and tools to leverage your strengths and build an integrated team and culture. 

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Capturing The Skill of Leadership

Have you ever felt you are destined to have more of an impact?  Do you imagine being part of a team that is so aligned and connected that it feels more like a waltz than hip hop? 


The time is now.  It all begins with deciding you are personally worth the investment and committing to a partnership that will help unleash your potential and drive success in a way you only previously dreamed of.


Leadership coaching is a proven way to drive accountability, discover and hone natural talents, identify blind spots, and develop necessary skills to empower teams and build sustainable alignment and vision. 


After working with me, my clients have recognized improved team dynamics, substantial salary increases, glowing annual reviews, promotions, and board appointments.  Not to mention, improved confidence and a fundamental skill base to tackle most scenarios.



Leadership is a learned skill rarely taught.


  • Do you find yourself feeling passionate about implementing change but paralyzed by the gap of knowledge?

  • Are you inclined to avoid difficult conversations or conflict and thus find yourself feeling resentful and anxious?

  • Do you feel your colleagues lack enthusiasm and creativity, are uninspired, and simply "clock in and clock out"?

  • Do you enjoy your work but feel overwhelmed and paralyzed by politics?

Coaching is an opportunity to change this by developing the skill and confidence to lead in an extraordinary way.

Siloed work, poor communication skills, and lack of transparency have lead to an incredible divide.  

Whether you work in medicine, education, or sales the experience is similar. The disconnect between the corporate vision and the people interfacing with the customer is bigger than ever.  Are you ready to close that gap?


Through personalized coaching, your experience and perspective will change. You will develop tools, insights, and a mindset to develop strong self-leadership that will inspire your team to adopt a culture of respect, trust, and innovation.


Personalized Coaching

We will clarify your vision and goals, dig deep into your skillset and areas of untapped potential.  

  • Are you as impactful as you wish?

  • Do your words resonate with others?

  • Is fear holding you back?

  • Are you capable of more?

  • Do you have the tools necessary to drive and inspire a successful team?


We will partner to build your communication, listening, and leadership skills resulting in powerful and fulfilling relationships that are honest and supportive.  


You will emerge strong, powerful, and confident!​​

Create a Phenomenal Team

Reinvigorate your team and see what is possible when you cultivate an alignment of vision, purpose, and a shared language.  Group coaching, masterminds, or facilitation of team discussion and insight has the opportunity to dramatically change your culture, performance, and overall success.

  • Identify areas of focus

  • Team assesments

  • Develop a strong unified vision

  • Develop group empathy and connection

  • Develop shared tools and a common language

What is "coaching"?

"Great coaches are your external eyes and ears providing a more accurate picture of your reality.  They are recognizing the fundamentals, they are breaking your actions down and then helping you build them back up again"

- Atul Gawande

Want to get great at something? Get a coach...



"Shandy possess a rare talent; the ability to cut through the noise in one’s mind or life to get at the heart of what matters. She brings

insights and knowledge from her extensive training, but clearly possesses the innate talent to see things

and understand personal dynamics with more clarity than most." - JK           


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