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Leadership coaching





We will clarify your vision and goals, dig deep into your skill set and areas of untapped potential.  


I will stand beside you as we build your communication, listening  and leadership skills resulting in powerful and fulfilling relationships that are honest and  supportive.  


You will emerge strong, powerful, and confident!

  • 30 minute free exploratory call

Reinvigorate your team and see what is possible when you cultivate an alignment of vision and purpose.  Lead together with thoughtful dialogue, civility, and inspired listening.  

As a provider, patient, and program developer I  know that the circumstances do not have to dictate the outcome.   Your perspective and attitude can alter the course of your experience.

What we choose to do with our challenges is an opportunity for growth and introspection. ​

Cultivate a sense of curiosity and intentional action as you work together towards a common goal resulting in extraordinary service, exceptional leadership, and personal joy.

What is "coaching"?


"Shandy possess a rare talent; the ability to cut through the noise in one’s mind or life to get at the heart of what matters. She brings

insights and knowledge from her extensive training, but clearly possesses the innate talent to see things

and understand personal dynamics with more clarity than most." - JK