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#1 Integrity: 10 Foundations for Leadership

Building upon last week's writing I will begin with the first of ten foundations of leadership.

  1. Integrity

  2. Delegation

  3. Communication

  4. Self-Awaeness

  5. Gratitude

  6. Learning Agility

  7. Influence

  8. Empathy

  9. Courage

  10. Respect

While this word is familiar to all of us, I am curious as to how many of you use it as a guiding light for leadership? How easily we can get caught up in the rat race of success and competition and find ourselves far from our core intentions. Small sacrifices to appease the moment and we later find we have created a standard, reputation, or path which no longer aligns with core values.

As with all foundational elements, mindset will be at the core of each of them. Consciously deciding that they are important enough to inspire self-accountability with every action and detail of your work.

In his podcast episode, Integrity in the Life of a Leader Andy Stanley defines integrity as “doing what you know is right even if it costs you.” Last July I wrote my Weekly Wisdom on this episode and would encourage you to read it. Andy highlights the subtle places you will be challenged: finance, liberty, recognition, and pleasure. It is these areas that provide a playground for temptation.

I strongly believe the difference between good and great leadership is detailed work. It is not obvious or easy. It is in the difficult times, when it may “cost you”, yet, you stand steady and take the hit for the greater good and the path to sustained success.

Integrity and the complexity it implies starts and ends with you alone. How you choose to tackle these scenarios will not only define your legacy but will set the stage for your leadership, the example you set, and, what is repeated by others.

My Challenge to You:

  • Integrity is intimately tied to your values. Get clear as to what you value and how you are prepared to prioritize them.

  • Accountability will keep you on course. Having a trusted and honest advisor is imperative. Who will hold up the mirror and without judgment, ask you the hard questions?

  • Failure and temptation are inevitable. Anticipating and preparing a response and action plan will prevent reactive behavior and further demise. “Plan for the best and prepare for the worst”.

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