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What are you hiding?

It is interesting to think about and then challenge ourselves about how honest we are actually being. I am not referring to outward lies, that is another conversation. I am talking about what we are avoiding so as to not deal with the real issue. Yes, we desperately want things to be different, stronger, more powerful and engaging but striking the balance of vulnerability and daily existence is difficult. I would think the goal is to get to a place where every decision, interaction, and step is done with honesty, integrity, and thoughtfulness. Where do you start? It is like untangling a ball of string, the end may be so buried that we give up or... you start where you are, slowly loosening the fabric in front of you, building space between the other tangles and recognizing that even the slightest change in perspective will alter the whole. It takes a moment of boldness to be honest with yourself. What conversation are you avoiding? What feelings are you shying away from? What within you is not whole? My personal belief is, you know the answer. The trick is finding the strength, the support, and faith that doing the work will result in a more positive existence. What is "enough"? What kind of life do you want to lead? What kind of example do you want to set for yourself and others? Who do you want to be?

I challenge you to ask the hard questions of yourself and sit in the quiet space of discomfort. My guess is the idea of this leap will be worse than the actual result. We have this one life to be who we want to be. I am sorry to say, this is it! Right now. Are you doing, being, and showing up, the way you envision? If not, be the change!

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