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The gift of time...

A walk with a cherished friend

I was watching a Rick Steve’s program on touring Norway and was struck by the scene of two men sitting outside across from each other with a large fishing net strewn between their laps, together they were weaving a mere masterpiece with traditional tools and skill. Certainly there is a machine to do this faster, more precisely, more efficiently, more…. We can all justify the many reasons why sitting outside with a friend, chatting about the day, and creating useable art is not the best use of their time, certainly there are spread sheets to process, calls to make, appointments to get to, exercise to be had, on and on and on. But what about the idea of connection, of time with another person or honoring the past and sitting quietly with yourself to reflect on your gifts and opportunities to serve others. We have become so disconnected with our lives that we don’t see how off course we have gotten. I called a dear friend the other day and asked if we could meet for a cup of tea and she was thrilled… she could fit me in next Tuesday at 9, a week from now! While I took that appointment, knowing that it would be filled if I waited, I was struck with how we all “choose” to utilize our time. What feels good, fills your soul, and nurtures relationships is no longer allowed to take president over spreadsheets and “important” meetings. When did our well-being get put on the back burner but the expectation to stay fulfilled and nurtured remain? Why do we wonder why we don’t sleep well, have body aches and symptoms of daily stress? Why do we expect our bodies and soul to sustain when we don’t care to nurture the simple things that replenish us? Would you question why your car stopped if you didn’t fill the gas? Would you wonder why your flowers didn’t grow when you forgot to give them water? How about you take a moment and ask… what can I do for myself today? What would fill up my tank? A walk with a friend, a nap, a massage, an hour with a good book? Honor your greatest resource; YOU.

Commit to showing yourself the love and appreciation that you bestow upon so many others each day. Literally schedule this time, stick to it as you would a meeting with a client or appointment with your children. Hold the importance of your-self to the same standards that you hold others. The results will surprise you. You will invariably find yourself calmer, more connected at work, more content and more thoughtful to the ones you love. At the end of your life, you will no doubt look back and realize the love you showed a friend, the schedule change you made in an effort to support a neighbor, the priority you gave yourself, and the quiet moment and deep breath you took on a beautiful day will have given you “MORE” than you expected.

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