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Are You Limiting Your Potential Success?

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing others expand far beyond their expectations.

One of the first things I do with my clients is to discuss their goals, their vision for success. I have them imagine their scenario in technicolor. “If you could be fulfilled in all aspects of your life, what would that look like?” This is a time to dream, to imagine the possibilities, and to stretch their thinking far beyond the common walls. Surprisingly, despite no limitations on money, time, or support most people limit their imagination. They lead with all of the reasons they “couldn’t” get that job, or don’t have that confidence, they sense trepidation in asking for what they desire. Time and time again it has become clear…

We accept what we think we deserve.

And there lies the problem and this is where we start. I am wondering if there are cultural elements at play or social constructs or biases influencing your perspective? We have lost our ability to dream, to imagine a life greater than ours for even a second. Fear of uttering the hidden words that may make us feel ostentatious, arrogant, or cocky. Fear that speaking the dream and then failing would somehow be the demise of our existence. Fear that we are not worthy of our own greatness.

I would argue, without dreams, without outrageous goals, far beyond our reach, we become complacent and uninspired. I would argue the gift is in the pursuit, not the end. The exploration, the fire that drives you to push a bit harder, to ask another question, and to teeter on discomfort for a bit longer than expected is what awakens us, what fuels our spirit.

Is your fear of failure so powerful that you would rather stay in comfort and forgo excellence? Do you fear what others might think if you proclaim your vast goal and then fall short? Remember the “spotlight effect”- the innate tendency to assume others are as focused on us as we are. We take the stance that “everyone will notice” if I don’t complete the task, this leads to anxiety and creates a platform for inaction. In reality, nobody is more focused on you, than you! Conversely, most of us are inspired by others' lofty dreams and are enamored by people that show confidence to reach far beyond what most of us would imagine. In those moments we are not thinking about their success or failure, we are celebrating the intention. The act of envisioning success and taking action!

I ask you not to settle for what you think you deserve. I ask that you challenge your limiting beliefs. The invisible guardrails that hold you “safe” but simultaneously keep you from greatness. Your potential and your success are your stories to tell. Become aware and critical of the assumptions and limitations you inadvertently place upon yourself. Imagine what you are capable of? Imagine the impact you could have if fear was never a player?

Ready to take the first step? Check out this great article on How to Set Lofty Goals. Decide you are worth it!. Remember, “what we deserve” is only a thought, thoughts can be changed and challenged, rediscovered, and rewritten. Who decides what you deserve?

My Challenge To You:

  • Allow yourself to dream. With no limitations, write down how you would like to see your life change. If you hear yourself making reasons why that can’thappen, stop. Write it all down. Now push even harder… run 10 miles, push it to 12. Make $150k? push it to $200K. Everything in your body may resist but just stay there.

  • Take ONE item on the list and start brainstorming your limiting beliefs and why you are worthy of this success. The mere act of challenging your unconscious thoughts is a great step.

  • Are you bold enough to tell me your dream? Press “REPLY” and write it down. You are more than 40% more likely to be successful if you write it down and find accountability.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to go deeper, please reply to me for a free 30-minute coaching call.

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