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Clarity is the Key to Success

There is no faster path to success than creating clarity.

While there are many aspects to “clarity” the one I challenge you to think about is developing clarity for yourself.

What is it that you really want or need? A simple query yet, very few people take intentional time to sit with this question and find the answer. We often simply “do” without clear a direction or purpose. Without an established goal or endpoint, we consequently become wandering untethered beings. Clarity yields intention and purpose,

As the year is winding down I would challenge you to take stock of what is driving you and what you see as your purpose. It is with this clarity that doors will open and opportunities will present themselves. It is with a clear vision that great questions arise and relationships become purposeful and focused.

Years ago I was helping a friend who was looking for a job after a long hiatus of unemployment, she had been on several job interviews and sent in many applications with no offers. I then asked her to describe her dream job, it was then that she broke down in tears explaining that she had no idea what she wanted to do. Her shoulders were slumped and she averted eye contact. It was this lack of clarity and confidence that employers saw and to no surprise, did not feel compelled to extend an offer. We spent the next hour defining and clarifying her dream job. She left our meeting with energy, excitement, and renewed enthusiasm. Two weeks later she had been presented with three job offers! That is the power of clarity.

You can not motivate others if you are unclear yourself. Great leadership starts with self-leadership.

Take some quiet time to reflect upon what really matters to you, how you want to spend your time, and what needs to change in order to find alignment and focus.

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