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How to connect the dots of PURPOSE

I had a great mastermind gathering with some outstanding leaders in healthcare. One of the questions that were posed was, “How do you keep the vision front and center amidst the current of chaos”. This is a common problem to have regardless of your industry. Without much effort your energy can be whisked away to attend to acute needs, staffing shortages, inventory delays, communication errors… the list goes on and on. Before you know it you have moved so far away from your original vision, the heart of what gets you up in the morning, the connection that draws you deeper into the service you provide.

How do we retain balance and focus when the challenging times never seem to end?

Begin with recognizing the slippery slope. Shifting focus, even slightly, away from the greater goal creates detachment and complacency over time.

In air navigation they have a “1 in 60 rule”, for every one degree you veer off course you alter your destination target by 60 miles, which equates to flying from Portland, Oregon to Boston and instead of landing in Manchester, New Hampshire! One degree did not feel like a lot until you found yourself in another state! My point is, it doesn’t take a lot to derail your team over time.

Keep your focus and vision at the forefront regardless of the external stressors. It is this very thing that will be the foundation of your team.

  • Live the vision personally. As the leader, all eyes are on you. Walk the talk, connect with your team, practice self-care, don’t ask of others what you are not doing yourself, lead and communicate by example.

  • Create simple messaging and repeat it often and in various formats. If you want great customer service then incorporate this message into each meeting, begin discussions by highlighting great customer experiences, incentivize based on customer feedback, bring awareness to excellence on a regular basis. It is the prioritization and constant focus that creates collective culture and change.

  • Connect the silos. Success is not the work of one person. A surgeon will not be successful if their instruments are not sterile and a food purveyor will not find success if their vegetables are not fresh and nutritious. It is very easy to become disconnected from all of the people that create success. It is you as the leader that can connect those dots. I would go so far as to say, it is connecting those dots that create passion, vision, connection, and drive to improve. When a researcher stands by the patient that is alive because of the treatment they discovered, what do you think that does to them? How do you think that changes the mindset they bring to their daily work?

It hits to the core of humanity. It connects people to purpose and that is what keeps teams and industries alive.

  • Recognize the work. This is the cheapest and most impactful of them all.

At the end of the day, people want to feel recognized, valued, and connected to something greater.

You, my friend, have the ability to do just that. Take the time to learn about your team members as human beings and thank them for all they do. If it seems too simple, try it. What is the worst that can happen?

No challenge today, just a “thank you” to you. For reading this, sharing your knowledge, trusting me with your time, and for investing in becoming better every day. Cheers, to all of you great leaders out there!

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