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The Gift of Inspiration

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

One can only hope that as we get older we get wiser, we focus on what really matters, and spend time learning, questioning, and challenging our thoughts and beliefs. Taking the wisdom of age and weaving that into an experience can be quite profound and powerful.

As we navigate our lives and integrate our vision and goals into life decisions we are often faced with difficult situations. How can we become comfortable with uncertainty and shift into seeing the challenge as an opportunity?

I am a great believer that the opportunity is within us if we only give ourselves time and patience to listen. Decision-making and perspective become clouded by others’ expectations, emotions, vulnerability, perspective, and the list goes on. Many times we know the right answer or approach but we hesitate and fear pushes us in another direction.

What if you allow the silence to come in and sit with the uncertainty so your voice can be heard? Push fear aside, surrender to the silence, to the inner voice, and believe in the process. The discovery is in the letting go of the "what if's", the "shoulds", the expectations, and the worry.

Just sit and feel calm, give in to the fear, and surrender.... believe. You will be OK. You don’t need to act upon anything just acknowledge that there is something else to consider. Many times we are so focused on the crisis or solution to the problem that we do not realize the possibility.

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A scenario I never expected. I was young, healthy, and had very few risk factors yet, there it was. The opportunity of choice was paramount. How will I look at this experience, how will I use this moment to shape my life and how might I use this as an opportunity to make an impact?

Don't fight it and ask "why me", ask “what can I do to elevate myself to meet this experience?”

Yes, there was fear and disappointment but the real question was,

do I choose to grow from this experience and surrender to the process, or do I resist and fight? Do I have the strength to allow cancer to be the teacher?

I find we spend so much time trying to mold life into a plan like a ball of dough, grimacing under the pressure but confident that if we just push harder and twist further perfection will emerge. I have come to find that this is the more difficult approach. Plan as much as you want but rarely do the cards fall as imagined.

What if you could have the confidence and faith to believe that you are part of something bigger? That these experiences or barriers to our self-proposed goal are trying to tell us something? Maybe the mishap IS the plan.

My Challenge to You:

  • What current situation do you only see as negative? Are you able to change your perspective and see other possibilities?

  • How does yur preconceived approach affecting the outcome?

Take a look at the work of Shirzde Chamine who founded Positive Intelligence, it is this approach and mindset which has the opportunity to amplify your success, relationships, and happiness.

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