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What Would Push You To Exceed Your Wildest Imagination?

Last week our area experienced horrible fires and many were evacuated with little notice. Organizing your family is one thing, organizing and securing the safety of your livestock is another. I was suddenly thrown into a scenario I had never considered nor prepared for (sound familiar?) I don’t own a trailer but I do have 12 large farm animals. My heart sank as I considered their fate if I was not prepared. I alone could not save them.

Many times leadership is knowing when to ask for help.

I was at our local farm store and was discussing my predicament and without hesitation, Nicole said: “connect with ‘Cowgirl911’ on Facebook, and if you need anything, trailers will be at your driveway at a moment's notice to help you.”

Cowgirl 911 was set up by Katie Schrock in 1 day, a woman with an extreme drive to serve others and protect animals. In a matter of days, she had over 19K members and has saved over 20K animals from the Oregon fires! Within 10 minutes of asking for help, Schrock will have wheels rolling towards your home to help.

Such a testament to what is possible if we banish limits and believe in our own talents and unlimited possibility. If we pull together at times of scarcity and unrest the accomplishments are beyond imaginable.

I guarantee you if Katie hesitated for even a minute the magnitude of her dream would have slowed her success. She didn’t stop, she didn’t hesitate, she had laser vision on her mission

To reach outside your comfort zone requires courage and resilience. Imagine how Navy Seals are trained to perform, or how Ellen MacArthur envisioned beating the world record by sailing solo around the world, the “science ‘of bravery” is discussed with Matt Bodnar in this podcast of the Science of Success.

“Courage is moving slowly towards what you’re naturally inclined to fear”- M. Bodnar

YOU are capable of so much more if you have the drive and will.

I challenge you:

  • Think of one idea, goal, or ambition that you have not yet attained... What is holding you back from the next step? What can you do to get one step closer?

  • What would you do if you knew you would not fail?

I would love to hear your responses! Please email me at

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