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Rise up

Have you ever heard something or read something that has stuck with you for many years? Unsure of the significance and why it stays present in your mind? Here is mine… Oprah said many years ago…. “allow your space to rise up to meet you.” Years later I found clarity as to what she meant. We give of ourselves each day to family, friends, work, and strangers but so often we miss the most important person… OURSELVES! How can we turn the tide and celebrate the gifts we have given and the energy we have spent? One great way to find motivation, peace, serenity, and grounding is to focus on the places that represent “home” or relaxation. I Most often find your home and car is a very clear reflection of you and your life. Cluttered? Chaotic, streamlined and neat? Whimsical? Our personal spaces reflect who we are and how we are seen, what are your spaces saying about you? Sometimes just the idea of this will change your perception. Take a look around at your bedroom, living room or car and see what it is saying about you. Are you holding on to the past or keeping up with the latest trends, does it reflect your true passion and bring you the feelings you need to move to higher ground?

If this resonates with you and you want to feel a change start here. Start with one room, stand at the edge and ask yourself ; How do I want to feel in this room? Relaxed, invigorated, inspired etc. How are the things in this room supporting that vision? Be honest with why you are holding on to certain items, is that old couch really working for you or is it sentimental because that is where you held your first child late at night? (That was my story!) To realize that those memories are within you and do not reside in a couch or bookshelf is very freeing. Release yourself from the past and allow new memories and spaces to emerge that support who you are today. Challenge yourself to see those items differently, see them as an opportunity to help others if donated (our couch went to a wonderful non-profit) or sell at a thrift store to begin saving for the next item. Be very intentional as to what you bring into the space and why it is there.

Declutter: Each day, for seven days gather 10 items to be recycled or donated. Soon you will feel the lightness around you, open the windows and let the air flow through the space. Breathe deeply and allow the space to rise up.

Physical spaces will support your dreams, they will hold you accountable for greatness if your allow them. Invest in yourself and demand that your space rises up to meet you so your first instinct is to exhale as you enter. You deserve a sanctuary of support every time you walk in. Make sure your space reflects who you are and who you want to be. Now take a look inside your car!!!

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