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CliffNotes to Leadership

Let’s be honest…. What are you REALLY willing to do to be an impactful leader? Many say they will “do what it takes,” which translates into spending long hours reorganizing, prioritizing, and strategizing, but only a few take a beat and seriously assess themselves, give up control, take the backseat, elevate the ideas of others, and ask more questions than anyone else.

I will say it again: 

We are expected to lead but rarely taught how to be a great leader

Many find their position to be one of influence, title, and esteem, but they rarely surrender to the learning curve required for greatness. It takes humility and skill development to succeed in these roles. 

My job as a leadership coach affords me the opportunity to see behind the curtain of many in leadership positions. I am amazed at how many struggle with the same concerns and skill gaps. Luckily, they have found a trusting partner to navigate the chaos. Leadership can be lonely, and I am here to tell you, you are not alone. There are amazing resources, people, organizations, and books that will guide your learning and support your growth, but the first step is committing to engaging in the learning process. 

As I look back on my career (before a leadership coach), I wish I had had more intentionality around growing my skills. My head was down just “doing the work” and I missed opportunities to have even greater success and impact. I don’t want you to do the same. I want to provide you with the CliffNotes to leadership. 

Here is the rub... the CliffNotes are not something you read and then you are transported into a leader; outstanding leadership is a state of being. It is an act of service to others, not yourself. It is reversing many things that got you here. It is giving more than you take, it is doing less and trusting more, it is setting your ego aside so others can take the credit. 

Commit to slowly developing the knowledge, strategy, and skill to lead alongside other greats.

I offer you the ​Weekly Wisdom​ as one resource for this endeavor. There are over 100 writings on my ​website ​for your review. You will also be linked to hundreds of other resources, podcast episodes, and books. In the “resource” tab, I have curated great books and podcasts to support your growth.

This road to great leadership is a commitment of time and mindset. The choice to challenge yourself and stay open to growth. Part of this path is also elevating the skills of others. Share your learnings, discuss revelations, practice humility and curiosity, and learn from others.

My Challenge to You:

  • Intentionality and mindfulness: As a leader, everything you do and say is being watched. Are you taking this seriously and showing up as the best version of yourself each day?

  • Commit to elevating your learning. Grab one book and commit to reading it, take a leadership class, listen to a podcast, or read a new Weekly Wisdom each day for a month. It is small steps that will take you to where you want to be.

  • If you are really serious, email me, and I will partner with you to support your success.

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