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The Gift of Acknowledgement

I will repeat it. People want four things:

  • To feel acknowledge

  • To be heard

  • To feel valued

  • To be part of something more powerful than themselves

Regardless of age or industry, if you can speak to these four things, you will find success, joy, and connection.

Feeling acknowledged is a big topic and comes in many forms, but I want to give you the most straightforward suggestion with a tremendous ROI.

Acknowledge an email someone sends you. This is definitely a pet peeve of mine. I send an email in response to something, in servie of someone, or as a follow-up and…. get no response. This only leaves me wondering, Did they get it? Did I push “send”?, Did I offend them”…. I am sure they got the email, digested the information, and moved on, but how would I know? A quick” thank you,” “got it,” “on it,” emoji... any of those would be perfect responses. But NOTHING? How do you think that makes the other person feel? Do you think they are eager to reengage and go out of their way to help you next time? Nope.

I am worried we have begun to drift away from the human bond that keeps us connected. We move and think at a pace that does not allow time for reflection, fellowship, and acknowledgment. Maybe our culture doesn’t place value upon supporting the foundation of relationships. Everyone I discuss this with agrees on the premise, but not everyone complies. I would argue we all could do better. Take a moment, slow down, and respond from a pure place of service to another.

I know you are thinking, “I can’t respond to every email Shandy. Are you crazy?” You can ignore social media blasts, but ignoring personal correspondence is like walking by someone with an outstretched hand. Is this an accurate reflection of who you are? It is time-consuming, maybe 5 minutes each day, but I believe others are worth that time. Take stock of how you feel when someone responds to you. Do you feel good, acknowledged, validated, or appreciated? For you to say you “don’t care.” I don’t believe you. I think if you say you don’t care, it is because if you admit you do care, then you would have to do something different.

I hope you have the humility to admit you care but haven’t focused on the impact. I hope you recognize that your leadership and voice carry a weight more significant than you imagine.

Human connection and acknowledgment are the foundation of humanity; you deserve this recognition and have the opportunity to give it to others. Many times I receive comments from my Weekly Wisdom. I can not tell you how much it means to me. I instantly smile and appreciate that my work is recognized and the message resonates with someone. These responses are gifts. I challenge you to give gifts throughout the day. It may not mean much to you, but it will mean a lot to others.

Thank you!

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